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How I can be sure if all these Russian brides are real?

We check all the girls on our site. Russian women pass several stages of checking by several managers, we are trying to do our best to keep them real. If we see that this Russian woman is listed on some scammer list, if we have suspicions that her profile was registered by a man, then we do not activate this girl at all. But as the Russian brides are real on our site we cannot make them write to men, you need to show activity in this case and write first to the women. Be active and positive and you will be lucky to meet exactly Your woman.

Do you allow your users exchange contact data? Should I pay for every contact?

No, we do not prohibit our users to exchange contact data, you can do that after some period of correspondence on the site. We just ask that to be done not in the first letter because it can be sign of fraud or scam. You should not pay for every contact, on our site you pay for period of membership during which you can communicate with the Russian women from paid galleries.

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On this dating site you can meet now:

Russian girls ( women, ladies)
Ukranian girls (women, ladies)
Belarus girls (women and ladies)
Kazahstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

Totally 8357 brides from FSU who are looking for men to get married with here.

We are a marriage agency and only Russian women and men with serious intentions are welcomed here.

Many men believe that women come to the sites like ours just for socializing. Russian women usually come here in search for serious relationships, even if they state that they want to find some friends only for now. Surely, woman cannot stay in relationships with all the men which are writing to her, besides it would be suspicious if she would start to write that she loves you from the first letter, not knowing you at all. So, women mostly prefer to stay some time on friendly terms with a man to see if she likes him or not, and to see if something can grow between you and her or not. Appearance matters a lot in relationships of course, but Russian women prefer to see in men not only appearance or some sexy side, but also a good interlocutor, with whom she will have common subjects to talk about, who will listen to her, tell something and who will be able to support her in any situation. This support is very important for Russian woman, but to reckon for some support she needs to know a person as she cannot trust just any man. That's why women prefer to stay some time as friends with the men that she likes. There are many nice beautiful Russian women on our site, so for sure you will be lucky to find exactly Your woman with whom you will be the best friends and lovers for long years.

I need to get married with a beautiful Russian woman as soon as possible, send me list of candidates and their email addresses asap.

We do not introduce Russian women to men, and we do not sell or give for free emails of our women. You need to register on our site and contact the women that you like by yourself. There are many nice Russian women registered on our site who really want to find a husband abroad, so you will find Your woman soon.

How long should I correspond with a Russian woman before going and meeting her in real?

It is very individual, everything depends upon the situation and your attitude to this woman. Some men feel that they are ready to meet in real after a week of correspondence, some men need long months or even years before they will take decision. Anyway, remember that woman also has feelings and too much long waiting for your arrival can ruin it very easy. Several months of correspondence will probably give you a general idea if you want to know this Russian woman closer or not, if you want to meet her in real or not.

How I can get visa to Russia? Do you help with it?

If you need a visa to Russia you can order it at our site We will help you with all the necessary documentation to receive it. You will find all the information on the site.

My friend says that all this Internet dating is just waste of time and money…

Well, first of all you should think by yourself, not listen to what your friends say. You have your life, your friend has his life. Maybe he had just bad luck, or maybe he did not try internet dating at all, catching some info from news, TV programs, etc. Anyway you need to try it by yourself. Taste of cake is in eating. Of course we do not guarantee that you will find your love after a week of staying on our site. Somebody is lucky enough to know his match on the first day of registration, somebody stays here for months and nothing yet. This is not a shop where you came, bought sofa and it stays in your house for years. This is sphere of relationships and they can change every minute. Anyway, we have many beautiful, kind, loving Russian brides on our site, so you have all the chances to find the girl of your dreams soon.

It is easy in Internet to create image of nice loving girl..How I can be sure that this girl really likes me and loves me, and going to meet her will not be just a waste of time and money?

When you come to the site in searches of serious relationships u should understand that you did not come to the shop, paid for something and got it for years. It is relationships and everything can change every moment. People can live in happy marriage 50 years and then something will break the harmony. Communicate with your Russian girl as much as possible, call her, communicate with web-cam, do not leave her for weeks without attention and everything will work good for you.

Means on the site to get to know women – letters, chat, game…

Our site was created for people to get to know each other, so we tried to make it as much comfortable and informative as possible. We have different means that will make your process of meeting and correspondence with the Russian ladies convenient and amusing. If you are a bit of old-fashioned about new technologies you can simply write letters to women. If you prefer more quick way of exchanging messages we offer possibility of chat, also you can connect microphone and web cam and chat on our site with their help. Winks will help to show your interest in Russian woman, postcards will make every day more bright and happy. Game “If you like me” will help to determine if the sympathy is mutual, it is one more way to know nice Russian brides on the site. Join us and start meeting beautiful Russian women today!

Verification and checking of the Russian women on the site. Anti-scam program.

All the Russian women pass several stages of checking, we activate on the site only profiles of the women who passed this check. If we see that some girl is listed on some scammer list or if we have doubts regarding her profile then we do not open such profiles at all.

But surely we cannot know what all our women are thinking so if all out of a sudden some Russian woman is writing and asking you for some help with money (she lost her wallet, she needs to pay for internet, for phone, etc) do not send money, but report this girl to us and we will take the necessary measures.

Russian women online now

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    Alena, from Russia wants to find a man from Western Europe, North America, Australia

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    Анна, from Russia wants to find a man from Western Europe, North America, Australia

  • online now

    Светлана, from Russia wants to find a man from Western Europe, North America, Australia

Newly registered Russian girls

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  • Евгения, from Russia wants to find a man from Western Europe, North America, Australia

  • Irina, from Belarus wants to find a man from Western Europe, North America, Australia

  • Ольга, from Russia wants to find a man from Western Europe, North America, Australia

  • Валерия, from Russia wants to find a man from Western Europe, North America, Australia

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